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Edge Shift.
The player must shift gravity and shape to match the particles from the black depths of another realm emitted from the aperture of a black hole. If the player doesn't reflect the shape, they will pulled into the darkness and pushed into another dimension.

Just touching elements from this other place triggers scenes from beyond space time.

Beware some shapes may look similar when rotating at high velocities. Don't be tricked!


- W/S - Shape Shift
- A/D - Control Orbit Speed / Direction
- Mouse touch position to control camera
- C - Credits on Screen
- T - Next Dimensional Shader


Made by me, Dan Rosser, individually and coded in C++ with majority of the work being spent on OpenGL ES shaders and for the visual aesthetic. I used my iPhone as my main test device so this was a super-multi platform project from it's start.
Game works amazing with touch controls however I can't release that here so ported best I could for WebGL / keyboard / mouse.
I did create sound effects and a background track myself as well, however ran out of time to properly master the sound quality / distortion effects, so I've left that out.
Everything in the game is made programmatically. No 3d models, textures (aside from a Font) or sounds.

Core Framework used: http://openFrameworks.cc
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/danoli3 - @danoli3 for more info.


Technical Web playing problems:
- Gray Screen? - Try and use the Web URL rather than the embedded if you see a gray screen on LD site / clear browser cache / incognito tab may fix as well. Another fix add or remove www. from the url, seen this fix it!
- No Keyboard command working? Try clicking on the center of the Game Window (click on the Black Hole), try again.

#space #openFrameworks #c++ #opengles2.0 #webgl #ios #blackhole #sydney #australia
#planets #time #html5 #emscripten #pretty #opengles #shaders #raymarch #tracing #bendlight #browser #canvas #js #psychedelic #trippy #black hole #black hole simulator 2016

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